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Special Request for Mexican Orphanage
Contact Jon Stevens of GrowingGardensForLife.org.

At the Tuesday, May 21st, His Deal Luncheon (a twice-monthly, gathering of global, kingdom movers and shakers I simply must attend), Jon Stevens, Executive Director of the non-profit organization, “Growing Gardens For Life” of Camano Island, introduced his world-wide ministry, well known for “touching hearts, changing lives.” Jon and his team “come alongside orphanages and group homes around the world” and help orphans learn more about God’s loving, caring character by teaching them how to plant and care for sustainable, organic gardens and orchards.

So, here’s a Special Request from GrowingGardensForLife.org: Jon says that one of the orphanages they serve in Mexico has 100 acres, with 37 acres of it devoted to the production of Manzanilla olives. He said they now have in their warehouse this year’s entire harvest of 100  7-ft. x 3 ½-ft. casks of bulk Manzanilla olives. According to Jon, “The olives are all with the pits still in and whole.  But tasty!” Now, they need a marketing strategy/outlets for packaging and selling the olives on behalf of the orphans. Also called, “Spanish olives,” these olives are smaller than other kinds, but with a better taste. Jon said they have a shelf life of five to seven years. So, is there anyone reading this that the Holy Spirit might move to help catalyze this “kingdom effort”? If so, please call Jon Stevens at Growing Gardens for Life—425-330-0433 or jon@growinggardensforlife.org at 269 Russell Road, Camano Island, WA 98282-8512.

Back to Eden Organic-Gardening Documentary Could Well Revolutionize Your Garden and Insure Your Healthy Survival!

In sharing about his GrowingGardensForLife.org, John Stevens (see above) mentioned that he conducts “The Honorable Farmer” classes for his orphan-students. I asked him if he’d seen the breakthrough documentary, Back to Eden, available free at BackToEdenFilm.com, and he said, “Why, yes! In fact, I show it to all my classes! I’ve even been up to Paul Gautchi’s garden and orchard in Sequim, Washington, where it was filmed!”

FYI, BackToEdenFilm.com is a 90-minute, professionally produced documentary, which is a must-see for all those who wish to explore the Creator’s way in horticulture. The website has received millions of hits since the film’s release a year ago, leaving a trail of influence across the globe that is already transforming several of my friends’ livestyles seriously, and is likely to even affect the horticulture practices of whole nations!

A lady called me up this month and exclaimed that she and her husband have seen it five or six times now, resulting in the complete transformation of their two-acre residential lot in Renton, WA, with a prototype organic garden for city dwellers!

We’ve had organic arborist, Paul Gautschi, on The Walk Show, and of BackToEdenFilm.com all I can say is: You’ve simply just got to see it!

Another Passive Income Opportunity 4U or Your Favorite Non-Profit?!

Also at our www.HisDeal.org Luncheon, I shared recently about a passive income opportunity that has become available: On the “non-profit” side of The Walk Show’s outreach, we have conducted for many years a small prison ministry. I explained that just as the world’s first toothbrush was invented by a prisoner in the 1800’s, so another prisoner has recently invented the Snap It Toothbrush—the “World’s First Flat, Wallet-Sized, Disposable Toothbrush with toothpaste and toothpick.” Weighing less than ½ ounce and fitting easily in wallets, purses, backpacks, first-aid kits, etc., the Snap It has tremendous potential for vending machines, convenience markets, big-box stores, and even airline, hotel, and dentist-office promotional give-away’s. Our licensing agent expects to sell many millions of them, as they have done before with many other similar products.

So far, we’ve poured $225,000 into the Snap It Toothbrush, and now our website is up and the Strategic Alliance we put together to market it is almost ready to go! We’re looking for donors, investors, investment clubs, etc., who might wish to benefit their favorite non-profit organization(s) by an extremely generous percentage-of-gross-sales royalty for the remaining 16% of Strategic Alliance positions. Contact me and I can show you how the Snap It could easily generate passive income stream for your favorite non-profit!

Get Cunning & Get Free Money

Dear Walk Show Family:

See, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as serpents and as innocent as doves. (Jesus Christ, in Matthew 10:16–ISV)

Ever awaken in the morning and pray, “Lord, make me cunning today!”? Until I spent two months in the hospital recently, such a prayer would have been unthinkable. . . but no longer! In fact, I now regularly pray that prayer, and in answer to that prayer I have discerned how you can make some big bucks just by employing some “sanctified cunning” in dealing with your financial affairs in the setting of our deeply corrupt governmental and financial sectors.

After strokes which injured both sides of my brain last December as a consequence of a succession of botched medical procedures, at first my prayer was, “All I want for Christmas is my mind back!” I never got bored in the hospital, therefore, because 24/7 I found myself constantly sorting, sorting, and re-sorting my perceptions of reality. As this talk show host learned how to walk and talk better again, I began to perceive my brain injuries to be one of the best things that ever happened to me, as they forced me to reevaluate just about everything in both my left- and right-brain perceptions from my background as a white, Republican, Protestant, Evangelical Christian–including being introduced to the following, most-unusual and unexpected, revelation concerning “cunningness.”

Jesus Christ is Cunning and He Wants Us to Be, Too!

Then, a good friend, Steve McPhail, tossed me a hand grenade entitled Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus. The author, John Eldredge, shares an out-of-my-box perspective of Jesus Christ that introduced me to the possibility that Jesus Christ Himself was not only cunning over and over again, but that He wanted us, too, to become cunning! In the process, I’ve discerned that nowhere is this divine cunningness more valuable than in the fiscal arena upon which Jesus Christ concentrated so much of His attention and teaching.

Cunning 101

My first experiment with cunningness took place in the hospital itself. Every morning when the nurses reverently flooded the stroke acute therapy dining room with their medical-religion’s sacred sacraments otherwise known as pharmaceutical drugs, I started referring to their ministrations as “High Communion.”

My perpetual sorting was leading me to the incremental conviction that the medical community had the “side effects” and the “real effects” all mixed up! Actually, the drugs’ “side effects,” were proving to be, in reality, the main effects, and the main effects were found to be poisoning! (“Side effects may include vomiting, rashes, drowsiness, liver failure, impotence, heart attacks, strokes, or death, so please consult your physician before taking that pill!”)

So, I started questioning each day’s reverent, drug-dispensing ceremonies with such questions as, “Will these drugs deliver me from the consequences of my sins without touching the sins?” Most nurses didn’t get it, but a few started to. The head nurse frontally took the bait and declared, “Why, of course! They will actually provide you absolution from your sins!” Although that was a greater claim than that about which I had queried, from then on in the mornings the head nurse would march confidently into the room with the loud announcement, “Time for High Communion!”

Ever since then my number one rehabilitation objective has been to get free from the poison therapy.

The Apostle Paul was Cunning

The crowd listened to Paul until he said this. Then they raised their voices and shouted, “Rid the earth of him! He’s not fit to live!” As they were shouting and throwing off their cloaks and flinging dust into the air, the commander ordered Paul to be taken into the barracks. He directed that he be flogged and questioned in order to find out why the people were shouting at him like this. As they stretched him out to flog him, Paul said to the centurion standing there, “Is it legal for you to flog a Roman citizen who hasn’t even been found guilty?” When the centurion heard this, he went to the commander and reported it. “What are you going to do?” he asked. “This man is a Roman citizen” (Acts 22:2-26)!

Unprecedented “Free Money” Now Available with your Mortgage Refi or Purchase

So, why can’t we become as cunning as the Apostle Paul did toward the oppressive Roman Republic as we deal with our own criminal American Republic? Is there some way we can cash in on our leaders’ Unconstitutional, lawless folly and beat them at their own game? We can if we act quickly enough! May I suggest, to do so is being “cunning as serpents and harmless as doves.”

One of my financial mentors, Mike Dillard (who buys appreciating commodities with depreciating dollars as fast as he can), reports he has made over a 310% return on his investments since 2008, during the same time frame it took most of the rest of us to lose at least 30% of our shirts. To me, that’s pretty cunning! Mike said recently:

We’re living through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It will cause unprecedented destruction to most, and unprecedented opportunity for a few.

The big question is: Will you and I be found among the “most” or the “few”? “

“Have I Got Your Interest Yet?” (Uncle Sam)

The current interest-rate fiasco affords us one cunning opportunity for the wise among us to get our houses in order financially. So, before we discus “investments” per se, the best and first thing we can do is consolidate our debts, then leverage them to our own financial benefit!

If you’re getting your mortgage at a rate equal to or less than the inflation rate, in effect you’re getting “free money”! That’s because you’re able to pay off the mortgage with ever-cheaper dollars–just like The United States and the privately held Federal Reserve are doing to our foreign-creditor nations by, in my opinion, intentionally steering the nation toward inflation to pay off our national debt!

Right now, however, we are actually in a narrow “window of opportunity” wherein it is even possible to, in effect, be paid to take out a mortgage! As our mortgage expert, Debbie Sheets, reports in her Q & A below, we’ve got very few days, indeed, to either lock in or leave this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It Has Happened in 100 Nations 100 Percent of the Time

Let’s face it: mortgage rates are at the unprecedented low of our entire lifetimes. Through the corruption of our banks and their bedfellows in government, Americans have been stripped of our wealth through governmental/banking scam after scam—from the Federal Reserve’s funny money to history’s largest Ponzi scheme, Social Insecurity, where our lifetime investments have been first stolen, then squandered. For more on this, see my article, “Chicken Little Was a Prophet!” In the process, interest rates have been artificially held outrageously low, but it won’t–in fact, it cannot–last that much longer before massive inflation sets in. (It has happened in 100 countries, and it will continue to happen 100% of the time when governments like ours remove the value-backing to our currency.)

President Nixon did it in 1971 when he took us off the gold standard well after FDR stole all the privately held gold in the country. Ever since, this has enabling the unscrupulous among us to resort to printing Trillions in fiat, paper money (or its digital equivalent). Such “quantitative easing” (now in “unlimited” form at $40B-plus per month indefinitely) will always reduce the value of any currency eventually right down to its intrinsic worth–that is, the price of the paper and ink alone! Ask the Weimar Republic (enter Adolph Hitler), Zimbabwe (enter Robert Mugabe), and now, The United States (enter [name your desired dictator here]).

As more and more dollars chase the same amount of goods and services, what happens? Of course, a bubble forms, as the flood of money forces prices upward, but not indefinitely. The bubble eventually pops!

Our Defense Against Further Evil Manipulations of our Money

For years in our Walk Show “Loan Watch Program” (where we certify and monitor the progress of Loan Officers in closing your mortgage loans), I have found myself saying to you, “Mortgage rates are at the lowest level of our lifetimes, so now is the time to refinance or make that new-home purchase.” Then came the massive acceleration of governmental and banking corruption, resulting in deluded, delirious, and devilish manipulations of the financial marketplace.

With such evil manipulations, mortgage rates have continued to stay artificially low for a lot longer than most of us expected—to the degree that the Federal Reserve overnight bank rate continues at 0.25% for well more than a year now.

Even today, think about the government’s supposed “inflation rates.” Do they reflect your day-to-day experience? Instead of the “smoke and mirrors” of the government’s “Consumer Price Index” (or CPI), think about your own “gas and groceries.” The government’s “Consumer Price Index” (or CPI) was 3.1% in 2011, but according to the American Institute for Economic Research’s “Everyday Price Index” (or EPI), it was actually 8% in 2011!

Who among us would be shocked to hear that in recent times our food prices have risen 48%, our energy prices 23%, and our gas a whopping 68%?! Even now, inflation continues to gather steam exponentially. For instance, the World Bank reports that worldwide food prices jumped a full 10% between June and July of this year alone! And, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that average worldwide food prices will rise 14.1% by next summer, far outpacing cost-of-living raises in salaries, unemployment benefits, and welfare programs.

Since we’ve allowed the Fed and the feds to rape and pillage us for 95 cents out of every American dollar over the last 100 years–plus they’ve heisted every dime of our lifetime Social Security “savings”–why should we presume such unrepentant thieves will break their pattern and tell the truth to us on such things as the unemployment and inflation rates? And, instead of remaining victims, why don’t we become a little bit cunning in the midst of our predicament?

Even Bill Clinton Acknowledges the Reality

Even some Democrats are starting to acknowledge the pickle we’re in: Take Bill Clinton’s highly praised speech at the Democratic National Convention, for example. It took some guts for Clinton to stand up and point out this scary truth that is being almost totally ignored by both the Obama and Romney camps.

In his speech, notice that Clinton mentions inflation, debt, interest rates below the rate of inflation, along with his oblique allusion to what I call “the silver lining of free money” which hopefully will hang in there for at least the next few weeks between the DNC and the Presidential election (IMPORTANT: See Debbie Sheets’ Mortgage Q & A’s below).

Here are Clinton’s exact words at the DNC:

Now let’s talk about the debt. Today, interest rates are low, lower than the rate of inflation. People are practically paying us to borrow money, to hold their money for them. But it will become a big problem when…interest rates start to rise. We’ve got to deal with this big long-term debt problem or it will deal with us. It’ll gobble up a bigger and bigger percentage of the federal budget…

Your Short-Lived Opportunity to Take Advantage of the Economic Trend Hyperinflation occurs wherever nations have employed inflation as a means of governments paying down their debts on the backs of the poor people (that’s us!) who pay for the devaluation of the dollar with rising prices for the things they/we need.

What if under Obama or Romney the inflation rate grows back to or likely surpasses 21.5%, as it was in December of 1980 under the Carter Administration? Well, if you lock in your mortgage loan at 2-4% today, then you’re going to be a whopping 10-to-20-plus-percent ahead of the game when interest rates spiral upward.

That’s why, even at today’s inflation rates, I can make such a bold assertion that you can actually get paid today—and tomorrow big time—by taking out a mortgage loan today! So, what if our dollar is reduced, as it must, to only the intrinsic value of the paper and ink backing it? How long do you think it would then take you to pay off your mortgage?

We’ve seen pictures of people in hyper-inflation carrying around suitcases or even wheel barrows of paper currency just to buy essentials, like a loaf of bread. May I suggest that our own inevitable hyperinflation could reduce mortgage-payoff terms from years down to months, weeks, or even days?!

The uber-rich understand these dynamics: instead of buying their mansions outright, they borrow the money at super-discounted rates and keep their cash working for them at much higher returns elsewhere. Fortunately, even a monkey could be trained to do that if you fed him enough bananas!

In my opinion (and that of Becky Sheets, our mortgage authority quoted in the article below entitled, “Some Crucial Mortgage Q & A’s from Our Newest Walk Show ‘Loan Watch Program’ Loan Officer”), you have a matter of days–or at the most, weeks–in which to reposition your mortgage effectively for the Dominoes of financial crises directly ahead.

Restructuring/consolidating your debt is an obvious first step.

Other steps are sure to follow, and we’ll be outlining them in our next Walk Show Family Reports, if you’re still subscribed to this free service. To stay subscribed, again, and not be cut off, please send us your name, address, phone number, and email address to: Ken@TheWalkShow.com. We do not share or sell your confidential information to third parties.

Some Crucial Mortgage Q & A’s from Becky Sheets, Our Newest Walk Show ‘Loan Watch Program’ Loan Officer”

I’ve known Becky Sheets for about two years now. She is currently a Loan Officer (LO) with Alpine Mortgage, and she is one of the LO’s we have certified to help our Walk Show audience through our “Loan Watch Program.” As a retired LO myself, I monitor her progress throughout the loan process—assuring you that you get the very lowest rates, full disclosure of all fees, and no unnecessary changes in the game plan.

This is Your Last Chance!

But, in my opinion you have only a few days left to lock in a loan rate that will likely serve you phenomenally in the near future. What this means is that we are now in the historically unprecedented position of, as President Clinton suggests, people “practically paying us” to borrow money! So, here are Becky’s responses to my questions on your behalf:

KEN: What’s happening with rates?

BECKY: They are truly at an all-time low. I don’t expect it to stay that way much past the election, regardless of the outcome. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is raising their Guarantee Fees for any loans sold after November 1st, which is an indicator that rates will likely go up.

KEN: How easy is it to get a mortgage right now?

BECKY: We are back to what should have been the protocol or “normal” before the mortgage meltdown. We are back to the basics with needing good credit and solid income. There are still low down-payment options, and you don’t have to have perfect credit, however, the last 2 year credit history is the most important.

KEN: What obstacles must consumers overcome to prepare themselves for getting a mortgage?

BECKY: Any derogatory credit history may need explaining. Credit collections are no longer ignored by lenders anymore. They need to be paid off before your loan is approved. Self-employed borrowers have a harder time qualifying because of the deductions many take, and the fact that we take a two-year average of the adjusted gross income. People who have recently been through a short-sale must wait two or more years before buying again.

If you would wish to be cunning, too, contact me quickly with your scenario at The Walk Show “Loan Watch Program” and I’ll put you in touch with a certified Loan Officer in your region—like “the best of the best,” Becky Sheets!

Pullin’ and Prayin’ with and for you,

Ken Talbott,
host www.TheWalkShow.com
“Looking for Those Who Walk The Talk”

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He or She Who Lives Well, Dies Well

My Dad and Mom met in a playpen at age two. My Dad’s Mom, Carrie Talbott, had taught a women’s Bible study for probably half a century, and my Mom’s Mom, Bessie Bouckaert, attended with her daughter, “Ginny.”

At age six, Dad came home from school one day and announced to his Mom, “Someday I’m gonna marry Ginny Bouckaert!” At age 14 Dad asked Ginny to “go steady.” Her mother, my grandmother, overheard and declared that going steady was alright, but “Ginny will not be allowed to marry until she is 21.”

Mom turned 21 on February 5, 1941, and nine days later on Valentine’s Day they were married! They continued as married sweethearts for yet another 65 years!

Mom’s gift of hospitality fit well with Dad’s gift of giving. They added a massive rec room with fireplace, pool table, etc., as well as the deepest private pool in the Pacific Northwest (13.5-feet deep with a two-meter high dive board). On one occasion we counted 300 people to whom Mom had served food in one month’s time, and 700 in another summer season. They served hundreds of community, political, church, and ministry groups, with countless people soaking in their pool and hot tub all hours of day and even nights in the floodlights.

The day came when Dad got audited for giving away too much money. But, the IRS made a fatal mistake in sending over a Christian auditor! Once the IRS agent saw what Dad was doing, the two of them sat around drinking tea and praising the Lord for what proved to be one of the shortest audits perhaps in human history.

Just before turning 70, my Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. They cut out two feet of his colon, and he was told by his doctor that he had between six months to two years to live. Dad said, “Fat chance!” and started studying nutrition and applying what he learned. At the two-year mark after his cancer diagnosis, Dad won the Bellevue Club’s tennis tournament for 55’s and older. Dad was now in his 70s, and most of his opponents were 55! “The Seattle Times” produced a full-page spread on “The Man Who Licked Cancer and His Tennis Opponents.”

By that time, the doctor, who had rendered the diagnosis and the two-year death sentence, was himself dead!

Dad and Mom lived another 13 years and died cancer-free at age 87. Coming out of a retirement at age 75, together Mom and Dad built a second career: a thriving nutritional business, so that when they retired once again at about age 85, out of 350,000 active Associates worldwide, my parents were number 56 in volume and income! Actually, they didn’t know what they were doing in running their hugely successful nutritional distributorship, but they didn’t need to, for they were enthusiastic, living proof that the products worked!

Then, regulators from the Federal Death Administration (FDA?) clamped down on the nutritional company. The folks’ nutritional products became “the ones that work but you can’t talk about.” In time, my parents’ testimony was just about totally quashed in this, “the land of the free.” Dad and Mom were grieved as they watched many of their friends die unnecessarily early, as my parents found themselves less and less free to share the information that might have saved many lives.

I’m told Harriet Tubman, the great slave liberator, said that she freed a thousand slaves and that she could have freed a thousand more had they known they were slaves. So it went with my folks’ attempts to free the nutritional slaves of their time.

Unfortunately, both Mom and Dad died from a malady that could have been treated were they informed of yet other medical discoveries the medical establishment does not wish the public to be made aware of — the suppression of which has cost millions of Americans their lives, including most likely ones in your sphere of loved ones. But, perhaps we can save that for another post.

Mom’s Final Three Words

In my own mother’s last days on this earth, after several days of silence, suddenly mother, an Alzheimer’s patient, started blurting out the names of people who had gone before:

“Mom!” she called, as if she saw her Mom on the other side of the veil, when her Mom had died probably 40-some years earlier. “John!” was next, her older brother, who had gone to be with the Lord 30-some years earlier. Then, came “Honey!” the name of her oldest sister, who had been gone for probably at least 20-some years.

Finally, Mom called out, “Mimi!” Well, Mimi was another older sister (and wife of Dr. Willard Aldrich, who had been President of Multnomah School of the Bible for some 50 years). Yet, what we hadn’t told Mom (due to her condition) was that Mimi had died just two days previously! It clearly appeared to us that Mom could see Mimi through the veil, as well!

Then, Mom’s last three words on this earth were, in ever-increasing loudness:

“Heaven! Heaven!! Heaven!!!”

Mom died with a peaceful, Mona-Lisa-type smile on her face. When the Christian mortician picked up her body, he commented, “Only about three percent of the populous dies with their mouths shut that way and with a smile on their faces like your Mom has. And, as far as I can tell, they are ALL Christians!”

I had always feared that I would not be able to handle my own mother’s death and funeral emotionally. Yet, somehow the experience of her deathbed words eased the pain and turned it into rejoicing. Hundreds of people showed up for her memorial service, and it was a time of great, music-filled rejoicing over a life well-lived as a “servant of the servants.”

Within three hours of Mom’s passing, my Dad said to me, “Well, I’m outa here!” He lasted 41 days. During the last several days we saw him ramming his wheelchair into the wall as if he could see through the wall. His cry was, “Virginia! Virginia!! Virginia!!!” Hundreds of people showed up for his memorial service, and it was a time of great, music-filled rejoicing over a life well-lived as a “servant of the servants.”

Think of the cartoon of a boy leaning intently over his Dad’s deathbed, hoping to hear his last whisper. With a gasp, the father utters his last/best advice:

I wish I had of bought more crap!

Or, maybe he said,

I wish I had of spent more time at the office!


Indeed, the old maxim is ever true, “He or she who lives well, dies well!”

Pullin’ and Prayin’ with and for you,

Ken Talbott, Host

Chicken Little Was a Prophet!

Dear Walk Show friends,

You may have noticed that my emails are increasing in frequency and intensity. That’s because, in my opinion, we’re out of time. US lemmings are over the fiscal cliff! Unfortunately, it is a cliff of our own making.

In the words of one of my significant mentors, Don Atkin, in an article entitled, “The Sovereignty of God in Civil Rule”:

Bottom line, God gives a nation the government it deserves, not necessarily the government it wants.  More government control is consistent with self-centered irresponsibility, independence, and entitlement mentalities.  God knows what He is doing!

For example, as I said almost four years ago now in an email to you all, “Today I thank God for Barack Obama, because this very day he is helping create the political and spiritual vacuum that can only be filled by Jesus Christ.” As the vacuum intensifies, I still stand by my words.

A Five-Minute Video that Could Easily Awaken You from “The American Dream”

My college roommate, D. Barry Weir, is always perched on the cutting edge. Today he sent me the perfect link to illustrate the pickle we are in as a nation. Here is what he sent me—an explanation as to why the President and the U. S. Congress have not been able to come up with a viable budget for three years now. The reason, the video explains, is because a viable budget has now become impossible!

Yes, the video below shows mathematically how we could even shut down the Federal government entirely, and we’d still be in the exact same position now as countries like Greece entered into months ago. And, there ain’t no way out of this mess save the painful remedies the author suggests—absent more hyper-inflation-inducing “quantitative easing” via flooding the nation with more funny money, which may buy ever-smaller windows of a sense of temporary, artificial relief (I call “the Deathstyle Remission Curve), followed by the exacerbation of our problem and our eventual demise!

So, please take what might well be the most important five minutes and 37 seconds you are likely to spend in this era of your life. Check out the following link produced by Hal Mason, an accountant who retired from IBM after 27 years. In Barry’s words, “Mr. Mason looks at the US budget, its revenues vs. expenses, and very simply illustrates the sad but inescapable financial calamity facing our nation and the world”:

Click Here: “United States Budget Dilemma” by Hal Mason

Breathless? To any degree did that five minutes wake you up from the convenient stupor of your own private American Dream? You could, then, easily be tempted to bend over, put your head between your legs, and kiss your fanny goodbye!

OR, you might consider the advice of Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, California, in his book, Hosting the Presence: Unveiling Heaven’s Agenda:

If there was any verse in the Bible that seemed to describe the heart of people who often miss out on what God is doing, it’s this one: “If God is with us, why has all this bad stuff happened? And where are the miracles we have always heard about?” To this day most don’t seem to realize that He doesn’t cause our bad stuff, but instead equips us with the authority, power, and assignment to deal with the devil and his works. It is up to us to learn how to use the tools God gives us (page 77).

Amen and amen!

Pullin’ and Prayin’ for and with you,


Ken’s Shameless Plug about Getting “Free Money”: Now you may see why I think it is all the more imperative that we all do everything within our power to reposition ourselves financially immediately—prior to the coming fiscal collapse. One of the best initial steps to get your financial house in order might be to role all of your higher-interest debt into a mortgage refi or purchase . . . before the sky falls in. . . . Remember, it’s no longer “if,” but only “when,” Chicken Little is going to be proven to be a prophet! As I have said for this entire month:

After nine months of hospitalization and convalescence, this month I am resuming my work with The Walk Show’s “Loan Watch Program.” Drawing upon my career as a mortgage Loan Officer (LO), for several years now I have screened and qualified various great mortgage Loan Officers (LO’s). Then, I monitor their progress as the mortgage goes through to closing—assuring our Walk Show audience that they get the best possible deals, no hidden fees, and full disclosure on all the necessary steps. I have identified loan officers nation-wide who are people of integrity, efficiency, economy, and spiritual & fiscal discernment.

Considering the real inflation rate right now (think “my gas and groceries,” not “governmental smoke and mirrors”), it’s almost as if mortgage money now is, in effect, “free money.” Because of historically low mortgage rates and the economic upheavals anticipated at any time now, I would urge you to seriously consider repositioning yourself quickly with this “free money” for that last-chance refinance or purchase. It’s not that hard to save hundreds of dollars per month on your mortgage, as long as you act quickly before the consequences of our national leaders’ fiscal policies come due.

To help you navigate through shark-infested waters for which the mortgage sector is altogether too well known, once again I can put you in touch with a Walk Show Loan-Watch-certified loan officer who will be able to serve your highest interests and needs.

 Ken Talbott, Host


“Looking for Those Who Are Walking the Talk”


Baby Boomers or Busters?

Dear Walk Show Family,

Being an economic novice, I compensate by surrounding myself with people smarter than I–people like “kingdom economist,” Jay Ferris, for example (see below). So, I felt like I was experiencing somewhat of a personal breakthrough when I found myself both reading and understanding this Barry Eichengreen article below entitled, “Why the Dollar’s Reign Is Near an End.” However, Eichengreen’s narrative is so antiseptic that I doubt Barry accounted for one tenth of the personal and corporate pain to which Americans are now becoming accustomed. Also, it sounds like a coming holocaust to me—something I thought a man with a name like Eichengreen might have better grasped.

Somehow, his piece doesn’t seem as alarmist as was my first inclination, which was: to lean over, put my head between my legs, and kiss my fanny goodbye!

“Who Made Off with 95 Cents of Every Dollar?”

Let me see if I’ve got this right: A dollar one hundred years ago is worth a nickel today. But, where did the 95 cents go? Am I out of line in suggesting that it was bilked from the consumer by an unholy alliance between the government and the banks?

Before anyone was listening, my economist friend, Jay Ferris, wrote in his first book, Inflation: The Ultimate Graven Image (1982), that currency gravitates incrementally to the intrinsic value of that which is backing it. He also introduced the novel thought that God might have built into the nature of man an understanding of gold’s intrinsic value. After all, a man’s eyes dilate when he sees a naked woman; a woman’s eyes dilate when she sees a naked baby; but both men and women’s eyes dilate when they see naked gold! I know from experience that the very best way to get a person to buy gold is simply to allow them to hold some of it in their hot little hands. This built-in intrinsic value of gold was evidenced from the very day God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden into the territory called “Havilah, the land of good gold” to the East.

As one reviewer says of Jay’s Inflation book:

This book is worth its weight in gold. With a background in economics, his insights into what is shaping today’s political and social culture as well as a profound and prophetic understanding of the Word of God, Jay Ferris is well qualified to expose mammon for what it is and to challenge the reader to a deeper surrender to the only real Treasure worth having.

So, What is Jay Ferris Suggesting about Money?

Removing the intrinsic value from behind a currency, as President Nixon did in 1971, creates fiat money, whose value is only “backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.” Since mankind, his governments and banks rarely prove themselves trustworthy, the shell game begins and the currency starts its downward slide. Ferris suggests that the un-backed, fiat U. S. currency manipulated by the untrustworthy, U. S. government, Federal reserve and other private banks, now actually becomes a “graven image,” and all graven images will ultimately be reduced to their intrinsic value—in the case of paper currency, the price of the paper and ink alone! This was certainly the case in the Weimar Republic (enter, Hitler) of last generation and Zimbabwe (enter Mugabe) of this. Hyperinflation occurs wherever nations have employed inflation as a means of governments paying down their debts on the backs of the poor people who pay for the devaluation of the dollar with rising prices for the things they need (enter who?).

Since 1971, at least, the government has increasingly dumped boatloads of un-backed “funny money” into the economy—starting with a row-boat-full, but now needing a fleet of supertankers to carry all the toxic fiat currency being dumped. Every dollar further waters down, or deflates, the value of all the other dollars chasing a finite amount of goods and services around, thus creating what we call “inflation.”

But, what have the banks been busy doing simultaneous to the governmental rape of the dollar (as well as the populous)? They have been similarly pillaging both, by fraudulently creating bogus assets, then leveraging them to create further counterfeit money which also further dilutes the buying power of the dollar. As Ralph M. Hawtrey, the former Secretary of the British Treasury, said in the 20th Century:

Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing. Another way of saying it might be, “Banks lend money that they manufacture, or counterfeit, by lending it.”

Economist and Professor Irving Fisher suggests this as far back as 1935 in his book, 100% Money. Fisher further elaborated:

If two parties, instead of being a bank and an individual, were an individual and an individual, they could not inflate the circulating medium by a loan transaction, for the simple reason that the lender could not lend what he didn’t have, as banks can do. Only commercial banks and trust companies can lend money that they manufacture[counterfeit?] by lending it.

So, how have the banks and the government pulled it off—this, the greatest heist in the history of the planet? None other than the Keynesian, Canadian-American economist, John Kenneth Galbraith, tips us off as to the hidden modus operandi of the government, the banks, and the institutionalist economics professors:

The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise or to evade truth, not to reveal it.

Modern Economics: The Study of Smoke & Mirrors

So, it was all smoke and mirrors that successfully obscured their counterfeiting operation and effectively herded all us lemmings off the cliff!

Beyond the theft of 95% of our personal and national wealth, what are the implications of this for us fellow lemmings who are already past the tipping point and gone over the cliff? Well, it might certainly indicate that those in the government and banks who pushed “We the People” over the brink are guilty of high treason of some sort. Lord Acton, English historian of the 19th Century, hinted as to the nature of both the problem and the solution:

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks.

So, what’s the antidote to this adulteration of the money supply by the banks and the government? The Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution suggests some remedies for eventually dealing with the government leach when it shows no concern for the life of the host it’s sucking dry. The Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution suggests some remedies for that. But, in the short-term we might address our greater enemy: ourselves. If you are one of those who, with me, believe that We the People get the kind of leaders we deserve, then we might look to the mess of our personal finances before we lift a hand to clobber the institutions which have reflected our values. For starters, see if you agree with James Quinn’s profile of the Baby Boomers in his October 31, 2008 article, “The Shallowest Generation”:

Our claim to fame is living way beyond our means for the last three decades, to the point where we have virtually bankrupted our capitalist system. Baby Boomers have been occupying the White House for the last 16 years. The majority of Congress is Baby Boomers. The CEOs and top executives of Wall Street firms are Baby Boomers. The media is dominated by Baby Boom executives and on-air stars. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the current predicament. Blaming Franklin Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson for our dire situation is a cop out. Baby Boomers had the time, power, and ability to change our course. We have chosen to leave the heavy lifting to future generations in order to live the good life today.

Of course, not all Baby Boomers are shallow, greedy, and corrupt. Mostly Boomers with power and wealth fall into this category. There were 76 million Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1963. They now make up 28% of the U. S. population. Their impact on America is undeniable. The defining events of their generation have been the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, Kent State, Woodstock, the first man on the moon, and now the collapse of our Ponzi scheme financial system.

They rebelled against their parents, protested the Vietnam War, and settled down in 2,300 square foot cookie cutter McMansions with perfectly manicured lawns, in mall-infested suburbia. They have raised overscheduled spoiled children, moved up the corporate ladder by pushing paper rather than making things, lived above their means in order to keep up with their neighbors, bought whatever they wanted using debt, and never worried about the future. Over optimism, unrealistic assumptions, selfishness and conspicuous consumption have been their defining characteristics. . . .

Based on calculations made by the Federal Reserve, at least 50% of Boomers will not have a happy retirement. The bottom 30% will reach the age of 65 with net worth of less than $100,000. They will try to subsist in poverty, dependent upon Social Security and part-time Wal-Mart jobs until they die penniless. The top 30% will retire to lives of luxury and leisure. The middle 40% will muddle through with Social Security payments the only thing keeping them from an old age in poverty.

 Did I mention that I and most of the people I know have to one degree or another fit this profile? Until our recent downsizing, I have, for instance, lived in precisely the setting described above by James Quinn: a “2,300 square foot cookie cutter McMansion with perfectly manicured lawns, in mall-infested suburbia!” (I won’t confess as to whether my children were “over-scheduled” and “spoiled” or not!)

So, what’s the antidote to the adulteration of our money? In his next two books, a two-volume set entitled Are You Worried Yet?Where Is Money Taking Us? Jay makes the audacious assertion that the true value-backed coin of the kingdom is love. As ethereal and esoteric as that might initially sound, Ferris then runs the reader down a relentless tunnel of thought until we throw up our hands and cry, “Uncle! OK, Jay; so the coin of the kingdom IS love!” In a smash-and-grab, self-serving-self culture, the other-loving, self-sacrificing love of God actually puts the gold standard, or intrinsic value, behind our economic decisions. Oh, the depths and riches to be explored in that huge revelation!

Of Jay Ferris’ second and third books, one commentator has written:

James Jay Ferris will not lull you to sleep, like our present-day banking system with monetary bribes, but he will reveal the truth of where the good gold has gone, exposing every hidden Lie and Deception—the name of the Fed’s new game. With the Love of God as the ultimate and only lasting value of exchange, this book speaks powerfully to a world that has lost its moral compass, yet with a candor that brings clarity out of chaos. If you have ever wondered about money or about Wall Street, this is the book for you. ­(June Rice—Westbrook, Connecticut)

Pullin’ and Prayin’ with and for you,


P. S. Wanna see Jay on video? Here is a short statement of his under the heading, “Rediscovering the Kingdom of God, Part I”: Click here. It is super heavy. In fact, it might even take a couple of views to sink in. If it penetrates your thick skull as it has started to mine, ours is the prospect of liberation from that which ails us on a number of fronts—perhaps the least of which is from the financial plight of Baby Busters. Let me know if you’d like to see Part II and Part III.

A Holographic Story: One Day in the Life of the Late C. Michael Wells (7/30/52 – 10/11/11)

Dear Walk Show Family:,

Do you like heavy stories? How about a “holographic” one? May I tell you one from the extraordinary life of Michael Wells—unexpectedly and unexplainably cut short a month ago this week?

My experience with Mike on the very first day I met him is like a hologram, wherein what he did and said that day reflects the whole of his life’s message, which was, in his own words:

There’s nothing that the nearness of Christ cannot overcome.

As I remember it, Michael was unexpectedly asked one day in college, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Without thinking, Michael found the following words welling up within him: “Help defeated Christians!”

Mike already knew that, although every believer has escaped eternal hell, few actually find victory over the daily hell in which they live. Bondage to adverse circumstance, people, sin, and the past continues to steal abundant life from God’s children. Immediately following was a rapid succession of personal “defeats,” followed by decades of personal ministry to “defeated Christians” in some 160 countries.

Every day of Mike’s life shared the same powerful, life-transforming story, which I now share with you in order for you to get a glimpse of the bigger story communicated throughout his life worldwide.

The Holographic Story the Day I First Met Mike

When I first met Michael Wells about five years ago, I was picking him up at the airport to take him to our home and a scheduled interview on The Walk Show the following day. Instantly we were jabbering away like life-long friends—as only sons and daughters of the eternal kingdom know how to do—whereupon I announced to him that I was taking him for a massage.

Over his protestations I informed him that I was only obeying his wife, Betty, who had tipped me off that Mike had been sick on the road for four days of constant speaking engagements and that he had never before heeded her request that he get a massage after returning from such a stressful speaking tour. I got stuck with the mission impossible.

Fighting our way through rush-hour traffic, we arrived at the health spa at 5:30 p.m., whereupon the receptionist curtly informed us that the massage therapist had only a half hour remaining to give Mike a massage prior to the spa’s closing.

“Better something than nothing!” was my response, although it has always been my conviction that a really good massage takes an hour and a half.

An hour and forty-five minutes later Mike and the massage therapist still had not emerged from one of the several massage rooms! The spa was closed, and I was the lone survivor in the now-darkened waiting room. For some unexplainable reason the very receptionist who had told me she had to close down earlier, had continued to work at her desk and let the clock tick. But, at 7:15 she finally slipped a note under the door of the massage room with the query: “Is everything alright in there?”

At 7:30—precisely the two-hour mark—the door to the massage room flung open, and a female massage therapist (whom I’d never met) ran down the hall and actually threw herself on me in my overstuffed chair with the exclamation: “

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have just had the most intelligent conversation I’ve ever had with a man in my entire life! I just couldn’t stop the massage any earlier!

Upon loading a noodle-like Mike into my car for the ride to my house, you can imagine what was the first thing I asked him:

“What on Earth did you talk with her about all that time!”

Mike explained, “When I first arrived, she started with sort of a New-age routine. She first asked me, ‘May I feel your chakras?’ [Chakras are defined by some as “any of the points of spiritual power located along the body, personified by gods, and which can be released through the proper exercises.”] “I said, ‘Sure, go ahead!’

“Holding both hands inches away from my body, she ran her hands around my head and down my shape, finally commenting, ‘Oh, I see a great light in there!’

“‘You got that right!’ I said.

“Then she started talking to me along the familiar lines of ‘All roads lead to God, you know.’

“I let her continue for awhile, then I asked her: ‘Would you say that what you’re describing is sort of like a giant wagon wheel, with God in the center as the Hub, and all the spokes representing the various roads that all lead to God?’

“‘Why, yes! That’s a great picture of what it’s like!’ she exclaimed.

“‘Mind if I illustrate from my travels in over 160 countries of the world?’

“ ‘Go ahead!’ she gushed with a happy look of expectation on her face.

“‘Well, when I was in India, I saw a woman throw her son of a bridge into the Ganges. Although he drowned in front of a large crowd, that was evidently her road to God.

“‘Then, I heard about the Brahmans who forced their wives to drink their dirty bath water, but, hey, that was their road to God.

“‘In New Guinea I ran into a tribe where all the men in the village raped each boy or girl when they reached the age of puberty. But, you know, that was their avenue to God.

“‘Then, there was the time when I had to be smuggled through a province in Nigeria at 3:00 in the morning, because the king’s “road to God” required him to be buried in a tomb with the heads of 12 foreigners in the tomb with him!

“‘Then, along comes Jesus Christ and insists that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that He is the only road to God, and in a way completely different than the others.

“‘So, what I would conclude is this: If all of these spokes of the wagon wheel lead to God in a similar way, then that God is one psychotic Dude, and I want to have nothing to do with him!’”

Then the real conversation began in earnest.

That massage therapist’s life was permanently changed that night. Next time I ran into her, she exclaimed, “Mike Wells sent me his ‘Abiding Life’ DVD series, and I am watching a segment of them every night!”

The Abiding Life Ministries organization Mike and Betty Wells founded calls itself “an evangelical discipleship ministry committed to helping defeated believers find victory over the daily obstacles of life.” Michael’s books, such as Problems, God’s Presence & Prayer; Sidetracked in the Wilderness; Heavenly Discipleship, Untold Stories & Unknown Saint; and now, My Weakness for His Strength, extend Mike’s vital ministry well beyond the scope of his physical life among us. And, Mike’s “Abiding Life” DVD Series will instill new hope that you can, after all, both find and fulfill both your divine destiny and design as you pour yourself out on behalf of others, just as Jesus and Michael did on behalf of you and me.

A few weeks ago Mike’s office called me and asked if I would like a case of his latest book, My Weakness for His Strength, but Mike moved on to his reward before the books arrived here. At first I was in denial, then angry, as I got mad at Mike, at God, then at myself for somehow allowing this to happen! Viewing Mike’s memorial service at www.abidinglife.com helped me start working through these stages of the grieving process. I now thank God afresh for the crucial role Mike played in “holographically” acquainting me with the powerful, life-transforming reality that I am of one Spirit with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Michael and Betty Wells, and all of you!

Michael, you poured yourself out on behalf of so many of us. May your books, CD’s, DVD’s, your helpful memorial service at www.abidinglife.com, and our very lives multiply your message in the crucial, earth-shaking days ahead, ‘till we meet again.

Still Pullin’ and Prayin’ for and with you,

Host, The Walk Show